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Le Captif

Le Captif is a short movie directed by Laura Chelfi as her final project at La Fémis.

Disconnect warehouse

Projection mapping for a techno warehouse in Paris by Disconnect, in collaboration with the scenography team Raeve Lucid. Visuals made using Blender (Eevee), Unity and After Effects. Homemade mapping solution.


Exercise of 3D integration, using Nuke for 3D tracking and compositing, and Blender for camera mapping, animation and rendering.

Bouquet Final

First PC demo, released at Evoke 2018, coded from scratch in C++ in 3-4 days. Awarded with the Newcomer award.

Les mouvements de l'eau

Les mouvements de l'eau is a short movie directed by François Ray and Luce Jalbert as their final project at La Fémis.

Félix David and I followed the project from its pre-production and handled the 22 fx shots, ranging from background element removal and green screen integration to more surrealist effects.

Explosions in jars

Simulation and compositing of explosions in a highly reflective environment, all made using Blender, from tracking and simulation to compositing.

Abstract FX

Sample tests with Houdini.