Polynomial 2D Green Coordinates for Polygonal Cages

Élie Michel, Jean-Marc Thiery. In Conf. Proc. SIGGRAPH 2023. 2023. [PDF]

For more information about my research and for teaching resources, please go to my research home page at Télécom Paris, where I am currently doing my PhD.

Generation of Folded Terrains from Simple Vector Maps

Élie Michel, Arnaud Emilien, Marie-Paule Cani. In Eurographics. 2015. [PDF]


Folded Terrains

Other academic-related writings

M.Sc. Internship Report Thesis

Élie Michel. M.Sc. Internship Report Thesis, at Télécom ParisTech - CG Group, with Tamy Boubekeur. [PDF]


Paper review about acoustical radiosity

Élie Michel. For MVA lecture Audio Signal Analysis, Indexing and Transformation. 2016-2017. [slides]


Review of Image Fusion with Guided Filtering

Élie Michel. For MVA lecture Introduction à l'image numérique. 2016-2017. [HTML] [slides]


Communication in Collaborative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Élie Michel. For MVA lecture Reinforcement Learning. 2016-2017. [PDF] [slides]


Review of GPU-based Fast-FFD implementation

Mathilde Bateson, Élie Michel. For MVA lecture Introduction to Medical Image Analysis. 2016-2017. [PDF] [slides]


Using Deep Neural Networks for Automated Speech Recognition

Élie Michel. M.Sc. first year internship report. 2015. [PDF]


Génération procédurale de paysages à partir de cartes vectorielles

Élie Michel. B.Sc. internship report. 2014. [PDF]


Projet de microprocesseur

Élie Michel, Nicolas Jeannerod, Louis Garrigue, Aurélien Delobelle. For ENS lecture Système digital. 2013-2014. [PDF] [slides]


Non (or less) academic writing

I enjoy writing in a more relaxed style and, although I couldn't get myself to feed it regularly, I hold a blog:

The blog is fairly technical, interleaved with a couple of thought posts, but I also like creative writing. I keep a log of more or less redacted ideas in a secure offline device:

Folded Terrains Folded Terrains